Get a Business Coach!

From the recent issue of Young Wealth Weekly:

Get a Business Coach

by Benjamin Bach

Business Coach Most entrepreneurs never reach their full potential because they’ve come to the conclusion that they are the authority on pretty much every topic. They built their business up themselves, and they won’t take advice or help from anyone. They loath to even delegate menial tasks to associates. Their ego dictates that they be independent, rather than interdependent.

Being interdependent means that you realize that there are other people who excel in areas you may not (financial advisor, marketing director, secretary, accountant etc) and reaching out to them. Building a team that consists of individuals with common values and different skills is the best way to build a business. When you have people who can do the tasks you don’t enjoy (or aren’t profitable enough for you to do) you can spend all of your time doing what you do best – finding new clients, working on your business (instead of in your business) and closing deals.

A business achievement coach must be an integral member of your team. The most successful people in every field have coaches – why shouldn’t you? A coach can guide you on your journey to attracting success, and can help you turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

If you own a business, hiring a coaching company (although they do much more than that) will improve your profit while making you more efficient and letting you do more with less. They will tell you what systems you need to implement to make a quantum leap, and they will work with you to make sure you accomplish your goals.

Within a few days of my Real Estate license coming in (I’m a licensed Realtor in the province of Ontario) I signed up to be coached by Richard Robbins International. Together with my coach, I have developed a detailed business plan, and I am held accountable to my goals and tasks by him.

While most Realtors spend their first year calling up and down streets, sitting at open houses for other agents, and running around without any income, I’ve listed $4 million worth of property in my first six months. I have a business partner, marketing systems in place that generate new leads automatically on a daily basis, and we’re looking to hire an administrative assistant and expand with a buyer’s agent within the year. Not bad for a rookie, eh?

I’ve heard that only 2% of the population can work as if someone is watching them when no one is. If you don’t happen to be in that thin slice of the population, getting a coach for your business may be the best decision you’ve made yet.


New Players in Town

Josh Singer and Kobi Guelerson, co-founders of Kognitive Marketing and fraternity brothers of mine from U of T, have just been featured in the Metro Daily News.

Meet the Van Wilders of the University of Toronto. Finishing their final year of university, fraternity brothers Kobi Gulersen and Josh Singer have made a business out of throwing parties.

With a limited budget Gulersen and Singer made use of the tools they had. “Students spend countless hours on MSN,” says Gulersen “so we decided to pay people to post [the event’s] website as their MSN name.”

Their innovation didn’t stop there. “MAC-Man was a huge hit,” says Gulersen of the man wandering around campus giving away the MAC makeup taped to his body. “He was developed as a unique way for people tob e easily confronted with a sponsor participating in the event.

Although they’ll have graduated, the duo will be back at school in the fall to organize the 2006 orientation week.

“At the end of the day,” says Gulersen, “we just love throwing parties.”

It’s great to see two of my brothers attracting success – I know great things lie in their futures.

Achievement Coaching

Last night I had the pleasure to meet my business achievement coach, another Realtor he coaches and his lovely associate, and two of his colleagues (also achievement coaches) for drinks in Markham (a suburb north of Toronto). A great time was had by all (especially ‘shy’ Jerry), and it was a pleasure to spend an evening talking to a group of successful businesspeople from across North America (Paul and Sharon were crazy enough to fly from warmer climates to chilly Canada) who not only are dedicated to personal growth within themselves, but are dedicated to helping their friends and clients grow as well.

The advice I recieved from talking to these wise folk was priceless. Anne has a Home Dressing business, which is what most people would call staging, but after an earful from the Barking Lady would understand that it’s much more than that. What she does is look at the home from the buyer’s perspective exclusively, and she advises realtors and sellers how to make their home stand out from every other listing in the area. As she says it, you see a gorgeous bottle of perfume in beautiful delicate packaging, and you pick it up to smell it. She gets buyers to pick the home up and smell it, rather than passing over it like the other homes. She is lightyears ahead of ‘stagers,’ and I am excited to implement some of her ideas into our business here.

On the topic of Achievement Coaches, GET ONE! If you own a business, are in real estate, or want to make the business you work for more profitable and more fun to work at, check out In my opinion, they are the premier real estate and business achievement coaches . They might not be cheap, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

I signed up for their Business Advance program the same week I was licenced in Real Estate, and it has been the best decision I’ve made so far for my business. Even though I’m brand new to the city I work in and fresh from university, I’ve been able to list $4,000,000 worth of property in my first six months.

I attribute much of the success I’ve attracted to the guidance my BA Leader and the entire RRi team have given me in designing and implementing systems and building my business. Only 2% of the world can work well without accountability. If you don’t happen to be in that thin slice, call a coach today.

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Considering the title of the post below, it’s ironic that this next post is the first fresh post here in the last two+ weeks. I’ve been busy…

I find it interesting how I view everything differently since I started reading more books on personal growth, business developement and salesmanship. You start to see the world for what it is, a bunch of people trying to sell other people on who they are.

I was talking to a great friend of mine today, Ryan Ackers, and we were discussing bosses, both having worked for a few common bosses over the years. During the course of the conversation I told Ryan that I felt a boss was only as good as the employees he manages. After I read it, it sank in – I had an epiphany! I raced over to my Richard Robbins journal, and wrote my first thought ever into it. I then told Ryan that I also believe that a great leader can only be as great as the people he leads, and while watching Apprentice, my theory was validated.

The project manager for the losing team failed to take responsibility for her actions, instead saying that her teammates were responsible for completing the tasks she assigned to them, and it wasn’t her fault if they weren’t done. Now, I konw everyone on the show must be reasonably smart, but who thinks that Donald Trump is going to be impressed when you fail to manage 7 people from corporate america on a TV show, and expect him to empathize with you? It’s nuts! She picked the wrong peoeple for the tasks, and didn’t let others complete their duties, and it was a complete reflection of her abilities as a leader.

The mark of success is making your clients, or your wife, or you colleagues, successful. The same is true with leadership. When you are a great leader, people rise up to the task. When you aren’t, You’re Fired!

I haven’t blogged in how long?!?!

Wow – it’s been three days since my last update? That’s terrible, since I resolved to blog every day. I have been busy with work though, so I don’t feel too bad.

I placed my first print ad this past week, for an open house I’m doing on Sunday (if you’re looking for a spacious 1 br condo with tons of windows, give me a shout!), and I’m working with some buyers looking for a variety of properties. I’ve also been putting in a lot of work at our uptown Waterloo location (located conveniently in Conestoga Mall – come visit!), which is a great source of business if you know how to work it!

Anyways, I just recieved some fabolous ‘Life Advance’ materials form the organization that coaches me, RRi, so later on tonight I will post some life changing strategies!

In unrelated news, I have a wedding every month from june till september – one in Israel, one in Florida, one in Whistler, one in Hamilton, one at a vineyard near Belleville and one at the Tilsonburg Community Centre (or so Sarah says). Love is in the air!

Let the sunshine in

Fear or Pleasure?

Many people have debated the issue of what is a better motivator: fear or pleasure. They used to teach people in Sales that it’s pain, and to drive home a sale you must show the prospect what he or she will lose, or how they will suffer if they don’t buy your product. Nowadays, they tell salespeople to show them how much value your product will provide someone with, and to overwhelm them with service.

When it comes to motivating you – to start working harder, to lose weight, to get better at your work, to be a better friend – what is more effective? Is it the fear of being broke and not being able to provide for your family, getting sick, or not having any friends? Or do you want to do those things so you can provide for your loved ones, be around longer and bring joy to your relationships? Pain or Pleasure?

Are you pulled by pleasure or pushed by pain?

Quote of the Day

You can’t fix a problem by learning more about it.”

– Wayne Dyer, author and speaker

I’m interested to hear your opinions on this quote – I’m still digesting it!