Get a Business Coach!

From the recent issue of Young Wealth Weekly:

Get a Business Coach

by Benjamin Bach

Business Coach Most entrepreneurs never reach their full potential because they’ve come to the conclusion that they are the authority on pretty much every topic. They built their business up themselves, and they won’t take advice or help from anyone. They loath to even delegate menial tasks to associates. Their ego dictates that they be independent, rather than interdependent.

Being interdependent means that you realize that there are other people who excel in areas you may not (financial advisor, marketing director, secretary, accountant etc) and reaching out to them. Building a team that consists of individuals with common values and different skills is the best way to build a business. When you have people who can do the tasks you don’t enjoy (or aren’t profitable enough for you to do) you can spend all of your time doing what you do best – finding new clients, working on your business (instead of in your business) and closing deals.

A business achievement coach must be an integral member of your team. The most successful people in every field have coaches – why shouldn’t you? A coach can guide you on your journey to attracting success, and can help you turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

If you own a business, hiring a coaching company (although they do much more than that) will improve your profit while making you more efficient and letting you do more with less. They will tell you what systems you need to implement to make a quantum leap, and they will work with you to make sure you accomplish your goals.

Within a few days of my Real Estate license coming in (I’m a licensed Realtor in the province of Ontario) I signed up to be coached by Richard Robbins International. Together with my coach, I have developed a detailed business plan, and I am held accountable to my goals and tasks by him.

While most Realtors spend their first year calling up and down streets, sitting at open houses for other agents, and running around without any income, I’ve listed $4 million worth of property in my first six months. I have a business partner, marketing systems in place that generate new leads automatically on a daily basis, and we’re looking to hire an administrative assistant and expand with a buyer’s agent within the year. Not bad for a rookie, eh?

I’ve heard that only 2% of the population can work as if someone is watching them when no one is. If you don’t happen to be in that thin slice of the population, getting a coach for your business may be the best decision you’ve made yet.


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