New Players in Town

Josh Singer and Kobi Guelerson, co-founders of Kognitive Marketing and fraternity brothers of mine from U of T, have just been featured in the Metro Daily News.

Meet the Van Wilders of the University of Toronto. Finishing their final year of university, fraternity brothers Kobi Gulersen and Josh Singer have made a business out of throwing parties.

With a limited budget Gulersen and Singer made use of the tools they had. “Students spend countless hours on MSN,” says Gulersen “so we decided to pay people to post [the event’s] website as their MSN name.”

Their innovation didn’t stop there. “MAC-Man was a huge hit,” says Gulersen of the man wandering around campus giving away the MAC makeup taped to his body. “He was developed as a unique way for people tob e easily confronted with a sponsor participating in the event.

Although they’ll have graduated, the duo will be back at school in the fall to organize the 2006 orientation week.

“At the end of the day,” says Gulersen, “we just love throwing parties.”

It’s great to see two of my brothers attracting success – I know great things lie in their futures.


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