Achievement Coaching

Last night I had the pleasure to meet my business achievement coach, another Realtor he coaches and his lovely associate, and two of his colleagues (also achievement coaches) for drinks in Markham (a suburb north of Toronto). A great time was had by all (especially ‘shy’ Jerry), and it was a pleasure to spend an evening talking to a group of successful businesspeople from across North America (Paul and Sharon were crazy enough to fly from warmer climates to chilly Canada) who not only are dedicated to personal growth within themselves, but are dedicated to helping their friends and clients grow as well.

The advice I recieved from talking to these wise folk was priceless. Anne has a Home Dressing business, which is what most people would call staging, but after an earful from the Barking Lady would understand that it’s much more than that. What she does is look at the home from the buyer’s perspective exclusively, and she advises realtors and sellers how to make their home stand out from every other listing in the area. As she says it, you see a gorgeous bottle of perfume in beautiful delicate packaging, and you pick it up to smell it. She gets buyers to pick the home up and smell it, rather than passing over it like the other homes. She is lightyears ahead of ‘stagers,’ and I am excited to implement some of her ideas into our business here.

On the topic of Achievement Coaches, GET ONE! If you own a business, are in real estate, or want to make the business you work for more profitable and more fun to work at, check out In my opinion, they are the premier real estate and business achievement coaches . They might not be cheap, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

I signed up for their Business Advance program the same week I was licenced in Real Estate, and it has been the best decision I’ve made so far for my business. Even though I’m brand new to the city I work in and fresh from university, I’ve been able to list $4,000,000 worth of property in my first six months.

I attribute much of the success I’ve attracted to the guidance my BA Leader and the entire RRi team have given me in designing and implementing systems and building my business. Only 2% of the world can work well without accountability. If you don’t happen to be in that thin slice, call a coach today.

(cross posted at KW Market Watch)


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