Considering the title of the post below, it’s ironic that this next post is the first fresh post here in the last two+ weeks. I’ve been busy…

I find it interesting how I view everything differently since I started reading more books on personal growth, business developement and salesmanship. You start to see the world for what it is, a bunch of people trying to sell other people on who they are.

I was talking to a great friend of mine today, Ryan Ackers, and we were discussing bosses, both having worked for a few common bosses over the years. During the course of the conversation I told Ryan that I felt a boss was only as good as the employees he manages. After I read it, it sank in – I had an epiphany! I raced over to my Richard Robbins journal, and wrote my first thought ever into it. I then told Ryan that I also believe that a great leader can only be as great as the people he leads, and while watching Apprentice, my theory was validated.

The project manager for the losing team failed to take responsibility for her actions, instead saying that her teammates were responsible for completing the tasks she assigned to them, and it wasn’t her fault if they weren’t done. Now, I konw everyone on the show must be reasonably smart, but who thinks that Donald Trump is going to be impressed when you fail to manage 7 people from corporate america on a TV show, and expect him to empathize with you? It’s nuts! She picked the wrong peoeple for the tasks, and didn’t let others complete their duties, and it was a complete reflection of her abilities as a leader.

The mark of success is making your clients, or your wife, or you colleagues, successful. The same is true with leadership. When you are a great leader, people rise up to the task. When you aren’t, You’re Fired!


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