I haven’t blogged in how long?!?!

Wow – it’s been three days since my last update? That’s terrible, since I resolved to blog every day. I have been busy with work though, so I don’t feel too bad.

I placed my first print ad this past week, for an open house I’m doing on Sunday (if you’re looking for a spacious 1 br condo with tons of windows, give me a shout!), and I’m working with some buyers looking for a variety of properties. I’ve also been putting in a lot of work at our uptown Waterloo location (located conveniently in Conestoga Mall – come visit!), which is a great source of business if you know how to work it!

Anyways, I just recieved some fabolous ‘Life Advance’ materials form the organization that coaches me, RRi, so later on tonight I will post some life changing strategies!

In unrelated news, I have a wedding every month from june till september – one in Israel, one in Florida, one in Whistler, one in Hamilton, one at a vineyard near Belleville and one at the Tilsonburg Community Centre (or so Sarah says). Love is in the air!

Let the sunshine in


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