Fear or Pleasure?

Many people have debated the issue of what is a better motivator: fear or pleasure. They used to teach people in Sales that it’s pain, and to drive home a sale you must show the prospect what he or she will lose, or how they will suffer if they don’t buy your product. Nowadays, they tell salespeople to show them how much value your product will provide someone with, and to overwhelm them with service.

When it comes to motivating you – to start working harder, to lose weight, to get better at your work, to be a better friend – what is more effective? Is it the fear of being broke and not being able to provide for your family, getting sick, or not having any friends? Or do you want to do those things so you can provide for your loved ones, be around longer and bring joy to your relationships? Pain or Pleasure?

Are you pulled by pleasure or pushed by pain?


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