How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Jim Rohn says that if you can’t do five pushups, do one until you can do five. As with most things Jim says, there is more to this saying than pushups.

Do you need to close 50 sales this year to meet your goal, and have no idea how to do it? Go out and make one sale – then make the next one. Eventually, you’ll be able to do your 50 a year.

Don’t worry about what you need to do this year, or this month, just worry about what you need to do today.

One of the things I’m working on with my business coach is not focusing on monthly or yearly goals, but to wake up everyday with the goal of booking three appointments with qualified prospects. If I set three appointments a day I will exceed my yearly goal, but it’s a much better goal than say setting 60 a month, for a few reasons.

  1. Daily reality check. Everyday, I know if I booked the appointments or not. If I’m working off monthly, or quarterly targets, I won’t know if I’m falling behind or getting ahead until towards the end of the period. There is more personal accountability with shorter timelines.
  2. More manageable. For a new businessman in a new city, it may seem tough to close 50 deals this year, but clearly its not that hard to set three appointments in a day. The goal becomes much easier when it’s reduced down to what you need to do now.

What have you been procrastinating starting because it seemed too large? Break it down until you know what you have to do NOW to get started.

As Mark Digiovanni said, ready? FRAME (fire & aim).

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