On Time Management

Chris, over at Laws of Achievement has a post up on ‘getting things done’ and it’s worth the read:

Control. Without complete control of your daily agenda, you will never maximize the potential you have to achieve your goals.
The real beauty of effective time management is that it is not a complex matter. Rather, it is quite simple and requires nothing more than a well devised gameplan, comprised of realistic priorities

  • start with a basic schedule; simplicity over complexity
  • know what your time-oriented priorities are; develop lists and charts to visualize where you want to be in accordance with a realistic deadline
  • DO NOT WASTE TIME; as Benjamin Franklin once noted,

“Dost thou love Life? Then do not squander Time; for that is the stuff Life is made of.”

The premise of my notion is clear; either you control your Life or your Life controls you. Make the choice!

Chris and I know each other from College, where we spent many days smoking Cubans at La Casa Del Habana talking about life.

Last year, I co-ordinated his bid for an executive position on U of T’s student union, and I can confidently say that Chris is one of the most organized people I’ve ever met; he is incredibly efficient and always achieves at the highest levels.


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