Dhimmitude is ruining my life!

Are the terrorists winning? If my girlfriend is right, they might just do that come Tuesday.

First, some background. I think Valentine’s Day is a sham – a day for bad boyfriends/husbands to buy their women flowers, and for bad girlfriends/wives to do that ‘thing’ we all know they should do more than twice a year. Certainly nothing that I, or anyone else who celebrates their considerable other every day, needs to bother with.

It is in this spirit that I have cancelled Valentine’s Day every year for the last three years, and we were all set for a fourth – and then these ignorant, savage terrorists come along and do this:

“We will not let anyone sell these cards or celebrate Valentine’s Day,” said Asiya Andrabi, the group’s leader, as she held a burning poster in her hand. “These Western gimmicks are corrupting our kids and taking them away from their roots.”

“They barged in, grabbed cards and posters and burnt them outside. Most of the cards were not even Valentine cards. It is difficult to do business with such threats looming overhead,” he said.

Now my girlfriend is threatening to take off my Support Our Troops ribbon if she doesn’t get pink carnations and a Starbucks travel mug; she keeps telling me the terrorists will win if I cancel Valentine’s Day again, and I certainly don’t want that!

UPDATE: She just called me a ‘traitor to freedom.’ I don’t know how much more I can take of this!

MORE UPDATES: This is what I have to put up with, via MSN Messenger (from the other room):

Sarah says:

Sarah says:

Sarah says:
or else they win

Sarah says:
and freedom, jack bauer, bush and USA loses

Sarah says:

Sarah says:
jack bauer would NEVER let the terrorists win

Sarah says:

Sarah says:
jack bauer would buy me carnations

Sarah says:
a million so that the terrorirsts (sic) lose



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