Enlisting the help of others

This morning (10 minutes from now, actually), I have my first Role Play call, which I set up through Richard Robbins International, the organization I work with to improve my business.

My Coach suggested that I set up daily Role Play calls with other Realtors from across North America, and for a half hour every morning, work on our phone technique.

Sounds simple, but most people don’t work on their skills, and the ones that do are to embarrassed to do it with a real person (they prefer to be more ‘normal’, and talk to themselves ala the Wife in American Beauty). I’m going to help the other Realtors improve their phone effectiveness, so that they can secure more face to face time with prospects, and they’re going to help me improve my phone effectiveness too!

It’s easier to get to the top if you let other’s help you…

Let me ask you this. What can you do today to enlist the help of others?


One response to “Enlisting the help of others

  1. To enlist the help of others, the first thing you need to do is ASK for help. Most people are more than willing to help you, but you MUST ASK.

    The next thing is, you must be willing to ACCEPT their help, and don’t worry about paying it back. Again, helpful people love to help. Let them dig deep to help you. It feels good to help others, so let them.

    Last thing to remember is to ALWAYS say thank you. In fact if you want a really impactful thank you, send a personal note of thanks, and follow that up if you can with a personal phone call at an unexpected time, or if you can’t get a phone number, a nice personal e-mail thank you is nice too.

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