Picking up the chisel

Driving back to Waterloo on Sunday, I listened to a Jim Rohn CD I have, on knowing your marketplace. Among other things, Jim tells us to make sure we don’t offend the marketplace.

Be as conservative as you think they think you should be – wear a suit, cut your hair, always be on time and don’t swear or smoke unless they do. His theory, which sounds right to me, is that it’s not worth alienating $150,000 of business a year just to keep your bad habits.

My favorite part of the disc is at the end. Jim explains that while we need to educate ourselves, and research the marketplace, and gather up the past to invest it in the future (capitalizing and profiting from your experience and mistakes) none of that will be profitable if we don’t go out and work hard every day.

We can spend all day sketching, buying supplies and practicing, but unless we pick up the chisel and start working at it, nothing will get done.

Stop thinking about what and how you’re going to do it, and JUST DO IT!


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