Stop talking and take Action!

Momentum: when success is being attracted by your actions

Here is a thought: You know that idea you’ve been thinking about for the last six weeks? Stop planning and talking about it, and figuring out all the details, and JUST DO IT!

Try this: Ready! Fire! Aim!

Once you have a viable idea and the means to start it (even on a small scale), START it, and then figure out the details as you build your business.

Make 2006 the year when you take that next step to reaching your goals and securing your future. Commit to doing what is necessary now so you can reap the rewards in the future.

As I said to a couple of friends last night over some Punch Royal Selection No. 12’s and Scotch, there is no reason why any of them should not be a millionaire by the time they turn 30. Set your sights high – and GO DO IT!

I’ll see you at the Top.


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