Creating Great Habits

Great businesspeople set themselves apart from good businesspeople because they do what they have to all the time, not just when they feel like it. If you make it a habit to prospect for more business, rather than something you try to do, or should do, you are more likely to do it everyday.

When something becomes a habit, you do it without thinking – it’s just part of your schedule. If you repeat this enough times, you will instinctively do this activity regularly. For example, you are more likely to stick to an exercise routine if you have a set time you exercise every day, and you JUST DO IT, rather than trying to exercise 4 times a week and fitting that into your schedule.

Successful people have habits. The rise early, they work hard, they give selflessly; I’m sure you could common traits that successful people you know embody. The big question is how do you go about building habits?

Now, people who know me well will agree that I don’t have the best habits – I like to procrastinate (and I’m good at it), I enjoy a few vices, and I am bad at keeping in touch (to list a few!), but I am making an effort to change my old habits, and to create new ones. Here is how I’m doing it:

The best way to reach a goal is to make yourself accountable. It doesn’t much matter to who, or how you’re accountable – have a friend keep tabs on you, hire a coach you have to report to, track your progress on an online forum – just have a way to measure you’re results.

For example, I’ve made a simple list of things I want to do every single day:

Shower __
Exercise __
Prospect __
Schedule an appointment with a prospect __
Review new listings __
Reconnect with an old friend __
Perform a Customer Service Miracle __
Write a blog post __

And at the end of the day, I check off the things that I did – my goal being to do each of these things every single day, so that after a few weeks, it is instinctive to do each of them. If I haven’t checked something off, it is immediately evident.

Some are more important than others, some are personal and some proffessional, but they are all things I want to be in the habit of doing every day. Eventually prospecting will be something I do everyday, as naturally as showering.

Feel free to contact me to ask how I’m doing – accountability keeps you on track!


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