All Set

Well, it was a long day – I’ve spent most of it preparing and re-preparing for today’s meeting, and I’m confident that I will walk out of the FSBO with a listing.

Why you ask? For starters, I truly believe that I will net them more money if they list with me, and since sales is a transferance of feeling, they will believe that they will net more as well. It also helps that I have a slam dunk listing presentation that I’ve poured over, and a comprehensive CMA (and I want to list it for more than it’s listed for now).

Things just seem to be going my way. I’ve lost 2 lbs since thursday, the Globe and Mail just came out endorsing the Conservatives, and I have so many great people helping me achieve my goals.

All of this, plus a great pep talk over dinner from some colleagues (who actually encouraged me to get into this proffession) has me feeling GREAT for this afternoon (especially if I can get some sleep).

I’m going to make today a GREAT day. Will you do the same?

Stay tuned for the results of my meeting… details to come tonight!


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