Goals for tomorrow

Tomorrow I will introduce myself to five private sellers. That’s my goal for tomorrow.

I’ve never been good at setting goals (and meeting them) before, but after all I’ve learnt in the last few weeks since attending a Richard Robbins IGNITE conference, and after reading books by Zig Ziglar, Jim Remley and Keith Ferrazzi, I know I can set goals and exceed them. I’m using this blog as an accountability tool – my other’s being my Redhead and Paul, my BA coach – and that means that I want all of my readers to keep me accountable.

Email me anytime to ask me how I’m doing, or to make sure I’m meeting my goals!

I think it was Jim Rohn who said that anyone can set goals, but the real challenge is getting out your chisel and starting to work at your goal.

I’m committed to working towards my goals, and my clients will benefit from that.


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